Welcome to the new blog!

The new blog, and the new website, are now up and running!

The old blog started in 2009 and has been largely unchanged since, and the old website back in 2007, so they were both well overdue for a new look.  All the old posts and comments from the previous version should still be here, if you want to look back, and this is where I’ll be posting new stuff from now on.

If you’re a regular reader from the old blog, then I’m very pleased that you’ve moved over to the new one with me, and if you’re a new reader – then I’m very pleased to see you, too!  I hope you all find something of interest here.

This is still very new so it’s possible that there may be the odd glitch still happening.  Dennis, the very patient designer and developer from Tekkie who has built the site, and I have done what we can to fix everything, but things can still sneak through – if you spot anything you think is wrong, let me know and I’ll do what I can to get it fixed.

So without further ado, I declare this website open!

Update: a reader pointed out that it wasn’t possible to add a feed of new posts on the blog (thanks Cindy!).  That’s now been fixed – there’s now a ‘Subscribe to our feed’ link to the right of the page, or alternatively use the URL http://www.rutholearytextileart.co.uk/content/feed/.

3 comments on “Welcome to the new blog!
  1. Thanks Cynthia, and congratulations on being the first commenter!

    It’s WordPress – the whole site is, not just the blog. Everything is new – completely started again from scratch. I’m very pleased with it, even if one or two gremlins are still popping up!

  2. Your new website looks great, your work can be seen clearly, more visible. I’m not too happy with my blogger either, that’s why I’ve scrapped it but I’m working on a new one in the near future. I’ll be happy when it’s complete.

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