White Horse: completed

I said last time that there wasn’t much left to do, and I’ve done it!

Firstly, I needed to finish the embroidery itself, with the final back leg:

It doesn’t show up too well in the photo, but the stitching follows the shape of the horse’s back end and curves round through 90 degrees, so that the stitch direction is downwards for the rest of the leg:

And that’s all the stitching done!

There was still more to do to finish the piece, however, with pinning and damp stretching first:

(this photo shows the real colours better than any of the others, for some reason, so I’m glad you’ve finally got to see something close to what it really looks like).

The finished item was always intended to be a disc; cutting a neat circle of card is beyond me, I’m afraid, so I used a ready-made one: a cake board!  I stuck a circle of felt to this, both to soften it a bit and to hide the shiny silver foil it came covered with:

I trimmed and laced the back:

Then covered the lacing with darker green silk dupion, also backed with felt:

And here’s the final piece: White Horse

I’ve already handed this over to the client (I wanted her to see it first, before writing this post, which is why there’s been a slight delay), and I’m happy to say that she’s pleased with it.  I hope she can enjoy it for many years to come!

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