White Horse: first bit of gold edging

I have a confession to make: I’ve spent almost all my free time for the past week or so watching the Olympics and have hardly done any sewing at all.  If the client’s reading this, I’ll make the time up when it’s over, promise!

I have felt guilty enough to do a bit, though, and have started the knotwork outline.  As with the Earth mini, this is in Gutermann metallic thread in gold, worked in chain stitch.  This is horrible stuff to sew with as it just shreds – I presume it’s meant for hand sewing as what it could do to your sewing machine doesn’t bear thinking about – but I really like the effect it gives so I put up with it.

So, the first bit of gold outline:

You will notice that even though this is part of the knotwork, it seems to be forming a square.  I can’t remember much about drawing this – it was ages ago – but I seem to have decided to make a feature of this fact as all the little leaves and stalks are on this ring, not on the rest of the knot.

The rest of the knot outline next, though if Team GB look like they may win another medal, it might have to wait!

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