Wood avens leaves

The last ever wood avens leaves.  I like saying that!

I forgot to take a photo before I started, but I hadn’t got too far before I remembered:

With the outline done:

The central leaf veins:

The darkest filling-in colour in the centre:

Shading into the lighter colour:

And finally, the lighter colour, filling in all the rest:

Amazingly, there’s just ONE MORE sheet of flowers to go!  It’ll be quite a momentous day when that’s finished.

4 comments on “Wood avens leaves
  1. I hope not too! I think the way I’m stitching them has remained constant, and the colours certainly have (I’m still using the same reels of thread as I started with, happily), and while the shapes of the flowers are a bit different, they’re supposed to be, to give the naturalistic meadow feel I’m after.

    I suppose the test will come when the final panel is finished and I start putting it together, but I’ll worry about that later!

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